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Trailer & Excavator Wooden Vehicles Play Set

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Trailer & Excavator Wooden Vehicles Play Set
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Hitch the trailer  load the excavator and roll out! As this tall yellow truck heads to the building site  the tough excavator stays in place on the grooved flatbed. Then the ramp comes down  the excavator rolls off . . . it's time to dig! This durable construction vehicle set has everything kids need for hours of exciting pretend play and vehicle fun. Melissa & Doug Classic Toys bring timeless play to modern families! Each toy is designed to fuel an endless world of imaginative play  while encouraging the kind of play-based exploration that naturally promotes key developmental skills. The sturdy wooden play pieces are tested to today's highest standards of quality and safety.

Three-piece wooden vehicle set

Includes truck  flatbed trailer and excavator.

Bright-orange excavator swivels 360 degrees on its wheeled base.

Articulated arm and scoop can reach in any direction.

Sturdy wooden construction

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