Tart me Up - Handcrafted Soap
Tart me Up - Handcrafted Soap

Tart me Up - Handcrafted Soap

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Tart me Up - Handcrafted Soap
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If you need a little cheer in your life  consider the raspberry-lemon concoction that is Tart Me Up. Complete with poppy seeds  real Moroccan rose buds  and a bar splashed with geometric pinks  reds  and tangerines  Tart Me Up provides a surprising balance of calming floral and energizing fruit aromas. The result is a brightly scented  rich lather that leaves skin feeling silky-soft  sweet  and seductive.

Purified water  saponified oils of organic olive  organic coconut  palm  shea butter  pink Moroccan rose buds  poppy seeds  select essential/fragrance oils.

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