Lovin' Lemons - Handcrafted Soap
Lovin' Lemons - Handcrafted Soap

Lovin' Lemons - Handcrafted Soap

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Lovin' Lemons - Handcrafted Soap
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Lemon soaps abound  but Lovin’ Lemon’s combination of the titular yellow citrus  orange  and grapefruit delicately dusted with poppyseed proves itself more delight than an actual lemon. This soap is powerful enough to energize a crowd  offering deep inhalations of a recipe that warrants a quiet comparison to tea cake. Lovin’ Lemons remains a boon for dessert lovers  and a celebration for anyone who likes to lather with gusto.

Purified water  saponified oils of organic olive  organic coconut  palm  shea butter  select essential and/or fragrance oils  poppy seeds.

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