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Goldleaf Gardenia Body Creme
A rich and luxurious creme enriched with sunflower and safflower oils. The exquisite Goldleaf formul
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Goldleaf Body Creme
The heady floral fragrance of the Goldleaf body wash cleanses skin in pure luxury. Featuring a conve
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Frasier Fir Hand Lotion
This refreshing Frasier Fir hand lotion is enriched with soothing shea butter, moisturizing glycerin
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Vanilla Blanc Body Lotion
A luxurious blend of rich shea butter, vitamin E, and glycerin. This captivating formula features va
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Milk & Oatmeal 12oz. Lotion
Using shea butter, oatmeal and chamomile water, our lotion provides a protective barrier that helps
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Coffee & Vanilla Bean Lotion
Using natural plant extracts, our lotion is made with the finest ingredients. It provides a protecti
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Volcano - Signature Lotion