Kit Cat Klock - Black
Kit Cat Klock Black

Kit Cat Klock - Black

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DescriptionClassic Black Kitty-Cat KlockPowered by 1AA Battery12.75? high (3/4 scale replica)The Bla
Kit Cat Klock Black
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Classic Black Kit-Cat! Powered by 2 C batteries (not included) He’s simply the Original. Classic Black Kit-Cat has been bringing time to life for over 80 years. His iconic design hasn’t changed since a bow tie was added in the 50s. His timeless character and durable craftsmanship is sure to earn a place on your family’s walls for generations to come. The Classic Black Kit-Cat Klock is our #1 selling clock and is made in America! This clock has a rich history and timeless smile that we hope will continue to be built right here in the USA! This is the clock that started it all!

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