Fresh & Clean - Handcrafted Soap
Fresh & Clean - Handcrafted Soap

Fresh & Clean - Handcrafted Soap

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Fresh & Clean - Handcrafted Soap
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With a name like Fresh & Clean  a soap must deliver; we’re happy to say that this one is superb. Among more than a dozen dazzling natural aromas and ingredients  Fresh & Clean offers a light  fluffy lather scented with fresh cotton blossom  jasmine  and a spark of lemon. Here  over a cream-colored bar that’s simply striped in glittering blue  you’ll find an amazing scrub that leaves your skin feeling not just fresh and clean  but brisk and bustling.

A very pleasing green  unisex  upscale fragrance.

Purified water  saponified oils of organic olive  organic coconut  palm  shea butter  select essential and/or fragrance oils.

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