Cast Iron Whale Bookends
Cast Iron Whale Bookends

Cast Iron Whale Bookends

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Cast Iron Whale Bookends
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HomArt has captured a loveable cartoonish likeness of a whale in cast iron  simply yet effectively hand painted. Adding a homey and artsy accent to a bookshelf or countertop area  HomArt's Whale Bookends make the perfect gift for a Moby bibliophile  child  or anyone fond of the wide open marine wild. HomArt's subtle attention to detail on the Whale Bookends helps the simple design capture both the attention and affection of all who view them. The Whale Bookend measures 8 x 3 x 3 inches. The split in the middle enables the use of only one piece as a bookend  with the headpiece on one end and the tail on the other  or the use of a pair  for a more traditional bookend look to decorate an office or fireplace. Make sure to view the rest of HomArt's bookend collection; it's truly unique  and there are certainly others that will make the perfect decoration for another book spot in your home or a great gift for and art or book lover.

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