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Amyris Bergamot Essential Oil Reed Diffuser - 3oz

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Amyris Bergamot Essential Oil Reed Diffuser - 3oz
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Centering & Cheering

Amyris Bergamot is a crisp  bright aroma featuring sparkling grapefruit and Italian bergamot  grounded with woody amyris.

Bring a touch of nature into your home with our exclusive Pure Essential Oil Reed Diffusers.

Our Pure Essential Oil Reed Diffusers contain no alcohol  water  petrochemicals  or preservatives – only 100% pure essential oils – a SunLeaf exclusive!

Available in eight signature scents  when assembled  the essential oils in each bottle absorb into the natural reeds to gently fill the room with fresh  clean aroma.

Zero alcohol makes for an exceptionally long-lasting aroma:

1 oz Reed Diffuser: 2-3 Months

Add a burst of pure essential oil freshness to your space.

Unscrew cap or remove cork. Remove band from natural reeds and submerge them in the essential oil liquid  taking care to spread them out for maximum efficacy.

When the essential oil has absorbed into the reeds  remove them from the liquid and gently flip them over to expose the saturated side  placing them back into the liquid.Whenever a fresh burst of aroma is needed  just flip the reeds.

Avoid contact with skin  and keep out of reach of children and pets.

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