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Address Book - Modern Floral Large

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Address Book - Modern Floral Large
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Keep your important contacts and family info in one place with this elegantly designed organizer for your addresses  featuring a beautiful floral-print cover.

In today's fast paced world  it can be hard to keep track of friends  family  and coworkers. Keeping all of their phone numbers  addresses  birthdays  and other notes together has never been easier than with this elegantly designed address book from Rock Point! A dead battery or lost cell phone will never leave you high and dry again.

You can record home addresses  phone numbers  and e-mail addressesof over 250 contacts across 13 alphabetical tabs  with an extra 14th especially reserved for family members. This handy compendium of contacts also comes with a helpful calendar  an atlas  and a comprehensive list of international calling codes  not to mention a lovely floral print cover that makes it a bright and stylish addition to anyone's daily planning kit.

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