Questions? Give us a call at (712) 262-4839

About Us

We are located on the corner of 4th Street and Grand Avenue in downtown Spencer.

403 Grand Ave
Spencer, IA. 51301
Phone: (712) 262-4839

About Us

The Hen House offers a truly one of a kind experience from the moment you walk in that offers a multitude of fabulous, well crafted products that are sure to impress.  


The Hen House began in 1981 by its Founder Sandy Thiesen.  In 2016 the store was acquired by Jay and Garek Norton upon Sandy's retirement. The Norton's continue to uphold the same values, commitment and heritage that The Hen House is well known for.  


Stop In And Meet Our Flock!

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Rear: Lois Eckard, Sherry Maurer, Neesha Thompson, Jay Norton, Laurie Pearson, Cherl Bauer

Front: Emilie Bartley, Garek Norton